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Find harmony, joy, and ease with Intuitive coaching 

It's all about the Journey

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Monthly doses of inspiration to clarify your vision, embody your gifts, and build a deep sense of self-confidence and groundedness in your life. 

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What you can expect and who this is right for

We were not meant to walk in this life alone. We need each other, we need accountability, we need support. Yet, in this era of extreme pressures life can often feel like time slipping by, like sand between our fingers, and fulfillment out of reach.

With Serene Vibrance Intuitive Coaching, I will support you to connect to your passion, find fulfillment, and fall in love with yourself and your life.

Find your Clarity

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Intuitive Coaching Session

Intuitive coaching sessions are:

*Supportive and safe

*Uplifting and hope-inspiring

*Transformative, releasing old mindsets and claiming new empowering ones

*Thought provoking 


Each session builds off each other to help you

*Gain clarity about your values and how you want to show up in the world

*Believe in yourself with unwavering confidence

*Feel more joy and gratitude toward yourself, your life, and the people that surround you

*Move toward your aspirations with clarity and fire

*Live authentically and know you are loveable

What you’ll receive in each session

*Guided meditation

*Exploration of themes in your life, to uncover the healing life lessons so you are always evolving to an even better version of yourself

*Tools to tune into your own truth and not lose yourself in the opinions or judgments of others

*A Healing Reiki energy treatment to balance your life force energy and make you feel vibrant and recharged

*Home Practices to support you between sessions 


Packages are offered, please schedule a free call so we can get to know each other on a deeper level. On this call, I'll ask questions so we can clarify your next steps. 

Women's Circles and Retreats

Women’s Circles and Retreats are:

*Soulful, giving you space to explore meaningful life themes

*Playful, letting you connect to a freer part of yourself

*Grounding, bring you out of the demands of your life and back into alignment

*Confidence Building, where the authentic you is seen and celebrated

*Connects you with other women dedicated to personal development, and showing up in the world with a big heart


What you’ll experience






*Heart lifting topics to explore

*A guided facial treatment

*Tools for deepening connection

*Time to go inward, and time to connect with each other


Please schedule a free discovery call or sign up for my emails to learn about the offerings coming up soon.

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Home: Testimonials

Working with Kristen has been so beneficial and instrumental in my ability to get through this new reality with Covid. She has helped me find joy within huge change and fear. Kristen begins my sessions with a powerful grounding and energy work. It's relaxing and helps to cut through all the noise of life and to get me in touch with my own feelings. She's validating but not excusing. She gives good ideas on how to make small improvements and changes and holds me accountable to them. 

 Kristen is genuine and trustworthy, sweet and grounded. I feel like I can be honest with her and there is no judgement or agenda. 

Erica Chandler

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