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As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Life is a journey, not a destination". Serene Vibrance women's circles and individual coaching is all about making the journey rich, fulfilling, and satisfying through soulful introspection and turning up the volume on your inner wisdom and inner guidance.



Everything improves when we lovingly improve ourselves.

When we give ourselves sacred time to slow down, enjoy life fully, and connect soulfully with others who are also meeting life with awareness and heart, our spirits thrive, grow, and each relationship and experience of our life is enriched. From this resourced space, we show up in big and meaningful ways for our loved ones, communities, and work- calm, collected, clear, and energetic.


Through our journey together, you will feel more empowered and confident, appreciative for your life, resilient in your difficulties, and able to let the light of your true being shine brightly. My intention for your time together is that you live a life you can look back on with gratitude and fulfillment.


About Kristen

Ever since I was young I have wanted to really know people, to connect with them in a meaningful way. Before Intuitive coaching, I found a lot of fulfillment taking many people though the 12 steps of recovery, doing many types of deep work myself, along with helping people set health and wellness goals as part of my previous career. Later, as an esthetician, and eventually as an Intuitive life coach, I've had the joy of hearing hundreds of people's deepest thoughts. I have become more familiar with the inner world and I can now see all of our many similarities and how truly alike we all are at the deepest level. When I received training in Intuitive Counseling, which is a type of coaching taught by a non denominational spiritual community, I got to put all my skills and innate passions of self discovery and joyful living together. I have loved working with individuals and groups to support others to feel joyful, abundant, and fulfilled through all the peaks and valleys, storms and sunsets of life. The healing path that I take people on is incredibly enriched by the second degree Reiki training I've received, with deep listening, and heartfelt friendship. I've had many great teachers and influencers over the years, some of which I've listed here: Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown, Glendon Doyle, Wayne Dyer, Michael Singer, Lisa Nichols, Vivicadevi at Ananda Palo Alto, Kyle Cease, Tosha Silver, and many more.

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